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How We Work

Greenfinity takes pride in our relationship with our clients. Our goal is to provide each client with the best quality solution. While technology is important, we believe that the relationship we establish with our clients is just as important. As a client, you will see this in how we approach each project.

Our approach starts with multiple, in-depth discussions with the client so that we can identify your wants and needs. Based on our discussions, we recommend a technology and approach that meets your needs. This careful analysis allows us to create a proof-of-concept for your to review and approve. Our concept mock-ups ensure that we have listen and addressed your needs. You know what will be delivered. This hands-on presentation of ideas culminates in a solution that both client and developer agree on. This enables the client to make decisions on features, budget, and other options. The open line of communication between customer and developer insures flexibility as the project progresses.

Greenfinity uses the Agile methodology of software development. We listen to (and keep track of) your needs, we develop a prototype, we create the site, and we train your organization on its use. This makes for a precise, yet fast implementation. We focus on a smaller part of the big picture for each development iteration. This lets the client and the developer focus intensely on just one part of the entire site. Since development occurs in iterations, the client can request changes at any point in the development cycle. You can rest easy that the majority of your budget goes directly to development time, instead of planning or overhead that can often slow down a project. Agile enables us to estimate each feature of your site, so you can pick and chose a customized solution that meets your budget restraints. Your organization can also expect training on the use of the features we build in your site.

Greenfinity typically operates on two week development iterations. Each iteration (or sprint) begins and ends with a client meeting and a demo. Daily progress reports are also common during these sprints. These frequent discussions allow both the client and the developer to keep the big picture in mind, while focusing on smaller goals for the immediate future. Iterations are completely flexible, based on the client's needs. We customize our iterations and our methods to fit each project.

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