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Web Development with Open Source

Welcome to Greenfinity. We specialize in the development and design of Python and Javascript based web applications. We're located in Budapest, Hungary and serve clients around the world.

About Us

Greenfinity is a global web development firm that specializes in Python and Javascript based web applications. We specialize in Plone, Pyramid, JavaScript interface design, as well as hosting and website administration.

Founder Balazs Ree believes strongly in Open Source software. That's why you'll often find him contributing to Open Source projects. Balazs' participation in many community activities means that Greenfinity customers benefit directly from his in depth technical knowledge.

Visit our Case Studies to learn more about our work!

Our Technology

Python - Python is a dynamic, open source, object oriented programming language. Python allows our developers to creatively implement your needs across multiple platforms.

Plone CMS - Plone is a powerful and flexible content management system (CMS). We customize Plone to provide our clients with a best in class content management tool, without sacrificing good design. Our Plone sites are built with your exact specifications in mind.

Pyramid - Pyramid is a simple, clean, and fast web framework that allows our developers to creatively implement your requirements.

JavaScript - A website needs to provide a good experience to its users: look nice and function well. We are experts in front-end JavaScript development and we design and create the rich user interface according to your needs.

KARL - KARL is a web system specifically created for Knowledge Management and collaboration. KARL's features are best suited for intranets. KARL's main functions include a blog, wiki, calendar, and file sharing- all making it easier for members of your organization to work together.

Mobile Web Design - Greenfinity customizes sites to ensure a rich and effective mobile experience, across all platforms.

Twitter Bootstrap - Twitter Bootstrap is an HTML 5 web framework. Twitter Bootstrap has fast become a web standard because of it's ease of use and quick development time.


Our Services

Web Development - Every customer has unique website needs. Greenfinity specializes in finding the right tool for the right job. We listen to our customer's needs, and tailor each website to each customer. Our team of experts collaborates to pick the right tool for the job, ensuring that you get exactly what you need.

Web Design - Your website should always look its best. Greenfinity combines technology and design to create websites that bring you the best of both form and functionality.

Web Hosting - We provide reliable web hosting for all of our clients.

User Interface Design - Your users depend on the site interface for all of their interaction with your company. Our UI experts will create the best experience possible so your users never have to guess where to go.

Testing and Quality Assurance -Testing and Quality Assurance are key part in the software development model. Greenfinity takes pride in full test coverage of our code, and performs rigorous usability testing on everything we build.


Case Studies

Check out our Case Studies to learn more about our work!

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