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Python - Python is a dynamic, open source, object oriented programming language. Python is known for its flexibility and is widely used by businesses, governments, education, engineering, and other industries. Python can run on any platform, so it's a great choice for users who need to operate across multiple systems. Python can be used to build an operating system (Ubuntu) or a website. Greenfinity developers love Python, that's why we use it in almost every single project. Python makes it possible for our developers to deliver a high quality project.

Plone CMS - Plone is a powerful and flexible content management system (CMS). We customize Plone to provide our clients with a best in class content management tool, without sacrificing good design. Our Plone sites are built with your exact specifications in mind.

Pyramid - Pyramid is a simple, clean, and fast web framework that allows our developers to creatively implement your requirements. Pyramid is known for it's speed and minimalist approach for development. These core tenants of Pyramid allow for quick, reliable implementation of your needs.

KARL - KARL is a web system specifically created for Knowledge Management and collaboration. KARL's features are best suited for intranets. KARL's main functions include a blog, wiki, calendar, and file sharing- all making it easier for members of your organization to work together.

JavaScript - A website needs to provide a good experience to its users: look nice and function well. We are experts in front-end JavaScript development and we design and create the rich user interface according to your needs. JavaScript is a dynamic scripting language that allows our developers to implement front-ends for whatever web technology you choose.

AJAX - AJAX is a group of technologies (HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript) that allow us to take the design of your site one step further. AJAX allows for quick updates of user input, which means your user can change content on a webpage almost instantly.

Mobile Design - Greenfinity customizes sites to ensure a rich and effective mobile experience, across all platforms. Our Designs focus on Mobile web standards so that your site looks great on devices of all sizes and platforms.

Twitter Bootstrap - Twitter Bootstrap is an HTML 5 web framework. Twitter Bootstrap has fast become a web standard because of it's ease of use and quick development time.

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