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Basler Ballett Gilde website

Basler Ballett Gilde wanted a new website that featured multimedia content. (2011)

Greenfinity and Haritomedia teamed up to revamp the Basler Ballett Gilde website. It was important to the client that the web design be dynamic and allow the content to speak. Haritomedia developed a simple and clean looking design that engages the reader, which Greenfinity implemented. The result is a site that allows professional photography and videos of the performing artists to shine. This site was implemented in 2011 with the Plone Content Management System (CMS).

The eye-catching custom home page with a dancer in motion and a unique navigation sets the tone for the modern design of the site. Greenfinity worked with Haritomedia and the client with several concepts before deciding on the dancer image with graphical navigation. The minimalist concept pulls the reader in and invites him or her to explore the rest of the content. Greenfinity and Haritomedia achieved this sleek look by removing shading and borders from the design. The site is laced with rich photographs and videos of the Ballett. Greenfinity's role was to support and execute the design, ensuring that the multimedia content received the attention it deserves.


Using Plone on the Basler Ballett Gilde site allows for multimedia content to be organized and incorporated easily into each page. To support the multimedia needs, the site includes photo albums that present photos stored on the website. For video content, the videos can be stored either locally on the server, or in an external video streaming service (like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and can be easily inserted into any page of the site. This also means that the client can present existing videos on the website in a new form.

Plone allows for easy and seamless multilingual support out of the box, which was critical for the client. The Basler Ballett Gilde website is available in two languages (English and German). This means that both the user interface and the actual content of the site are delivered in the language preferred by the user. Content authors can provide translations of individual pages into each supported language.

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